Content Creation

Content Creation costs vary based on the technical nature of the subject, word count, and how the content will be used. Costs average around $25 an hour.

Did you suddenly realize that you don’t have time to run your business AND write posts for your blog and social media?

Do you have trouble finding your brand’s voice? Do you simply hate writing? We can take care of all of your content creation needs for you.

Content creation is something we take seriously. With every piece of content we create, we optimize it carefully so that search engines can easily decipher the meaning of your words and your readers can consume and enjoy them. The importance of this can’t be understated. With the majority of users arriving on a website through a search engine now, it is more important than ever to ensure Google knows exactly what you mean when you write and can understand the purpose of your content. Without this crucial understanding, search engines aren’t likely to show the words you worked so hard to create to anyone looking for them.

When you read an embarrassing tweet or find a mistake on the homepage of a website, it is easy to develop a lack of faith in the professionalism of whoever published it. Having professionally prepared content can save those embarrassments. If you choose, we can write every word on your site and prepare commercial messages that get sent to the public online. If you’ve already gotten a good start, we can also provide supplemental content for your website and templates for future content. If you are already a great writer, let us provide you one on one training and education to help improve the effectiveness of those words in the digital world.

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