Google My Business

GMB Audit: $100

Complete GMB Optimization: $250

The first step of any good SEO strategy is to ensure you have claimed and optimized your Google My Business Listing.

Google My Business is a profile for your buisness with the search engine provider Google. In recent years Google and other search engines have developed their platform with the goal of giving the user the information they are looking for without the user needing to leave the search results page.

They do this to ensure there is more opportunity to keep the users attention so they can show more ads. They have accomplished this by moving more and more of the organic search results farther down the page.

  • Less than 40% of Google Searches result in a click to a website!
  • 80% of customers report having looked for a business online before visiting it for the first time.

The #1 Spot on Google Is getting Less Valuable! You need to take advantage of the real estate ABOVE the first organic result by optimizing your business profiles and through the use of Rich Schema.

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