Marketing Strategy Plan

Marketing Plans are Free when you hire us to Implement them.

D.I.Y. Plans: $500

Every campaign's success can be directly linked to the effort placed into the creation of the plan. Hammerback Media will create your plan for Success!

The most important key to the success of any business strategy is the planning phase. Time spent here is worth its weight in gold. Before we spend a dime of your marketing budget, we will create a detailed ineternet marketing plan. This marketing strategy provides a detailed analysis of your brand’s current online presence and serves as a roadmap for accomplishing your business’s goals online.

We start by discussing why your business needs to be online and what you hope to accomplish with your website or social media. We will then see how you stack up against your most successful competition and how saturated the current advertising market is in your area. After careful consideration of your goals and budget, we will develop a strategy to launch your presence or improve your performance in online brand management and marketing.

Our detailed competitive research will be done to determine what it takes for a brand like yours to be successful online. If you serve local community, this information will be relevant to your region. If possible, we will even look for holes or weaknesses in your local competitor’s marketing activities to find low competition and low-cost advertising opportunities. The last thing you want is to get into a bidding war when you could attract those customers at a lower cost elsewhere.

If you have hired us as your full-time marketing managers, the digital marketing plan is free of charge! We will use it in discussions with your brand to drive the future of how we serve you. The document will be updated and will serve as a standard operating procedure for our efforts with you. If you have decided to get your toes wet in this digital marketing revolution, we will create the digital marketing strategy like a set of step by step directions you can follow while managing the brand’s online efforts yourself.

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