Reputation Management

Content Creation costs vary based on the technical nature of the subject, word count, and how the content will be used. Costs average around $25 an hour.

Do you have a great business and happy customers, but your not getting many 5 Star Reviews? We will build a system that ensures you get great reviews from your actual customers FAST after their visit.

Reviews are an important benchmark many potential customers use to judge whether or not to use a business. Search engines have learned to read reviews when making decisions about which businesses to deliver in their search results. Higher rated businesses will tend to appear higher in search results compared to identical competitors, but only if they are relevant reviews that search engines can understand.

Letting Hammerback Media manage your brand’s reputation online makes the task of reputation management that much more simple. We will create profiles on all major review sites to ensure your customers can easily sing your praises online. We will claim credit for reviews that have already been placed online so you may be more likely to appear to a search engine user.

We will also mitigate the risks involved with public reviews, the negative reviews. Complaints that are noticed, addressed and solved can sometimes shine a much greater light on the brand for how they handle customer service issues than any negative fallout from the complaint. Most customers expect that there has been a mistake or two in a brand’s past, what is important is how they handle that mistake.

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