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From strategy development to full service management, we can provide a profit driven social media effort for any business.

Hammerback Media will help you develop a winning social media strategy that serves your business instead of creating yet another chore for management. Winning at social media isn’t about how many followers and likes your brand gets. Social media success can be determined by how a company is able to use their social media community to promote the brand and how this channel can convert followers into customers and turn likes into dollars.

Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, LinkedIn, Instagram and the list goes on. Which one should your business be on? Should you have content on every site? How often should you post? These are all the questions we will help your business sort out and manage in the bustling and congested world of social media.

Not sure how to sort through all the static for your organization, we can help with social media needs of any size. If you are a small business of a few individuals, we can create a strategy, provide example content, and train you to utilize social media to generate revenue. If you are a larger business that has thousands of interactions with customers every day, we can show you how to use the automation in enterprise solutions to allow your team of customer service representatives to serve your community online.

Once your individualized social media marketing plan has been created and the platform is launched, we offer a variety of content creation services so that you can keep focusing on your business while we focus on representing your business for you online. If you would prefer to manage social media in-house, we offer expert training to your staff of any size. From fortune 500 companies to mom and pop shops, everyone should be using social media. It is one of the most cost-effective and flexible marketing platforms that exists. Let us show you how to use it to better your business by scheduling an appointment to speak with one of our marketing experts.




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Detailed Feedback on Current Efforts

Detailed Advice for Improving Weaknesses

Optimized Strategy Development

Customized Social Media Templates



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Multiple Management levels to suit every organizations needs.

Campaign Development for Multiple Platforms

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