Growing your business during the COVID-19 Outbreak

I am offering free VIRTUAL consultations and strategy sessions with any business during the NY State PAUSE.

You will receive FREE personalized ACTIONABLE advice you can use to help your business grow.

I won't push any of my marketing services, but will provide up to a 50% discount on my marketing services if you need help during the national emergency.

Pivot Don't Panic! 100% of your customers are experiencing a major change in their lives right now. The restrictions set forth by the Governor in the NY PAUSE act will affect every small business owner. How we respond could be the difference in prosperity and shuttering the doors.

Most of us are searching for ways to cut costs in these uncertain times. I am encouraging NY Small Businesses to take a look at how they market their business and determine if that strategy is still appropriate considering the dramatic change in human behavior we are experiencing. I will discuss your current marketing strategy and make recommendations on how you could optimize, adjust and save money. 

If you are a non-essential business that has been forced to close, my first consideration would be “Can I offer this online”. For Example: Even though Personal Trainers cant meet you in the gym or visit your home, they can stream or upload classes to their website and create a virtual training platform. 

If your business simply can’t be moved online, I suggest focusing on brand awareness marketing. Ensure your brand is still speaking to its audience or they will stop listening. We will come out of the other side of this, ensure your business wasn’t forgotten during the PAUSE. Perhaps you can still provide helpful tips in your area of expertise that people may appreciate while they are home.

If your business is considered essential, carefully consider the advertising area and the product/services you are advertising. Are you running billboard ads and radio ads? People are spending a LOT less time on the road and they are willing to travel much shorter distances for essentials. Focus your efforts on reaching the hyper-local audience. 

Have you changed service hours or closed your lobby? Make sure you update the business hours + service description on your website and Google My Business profiles. Also post to social media about the change. This will remind people if you’re still open and you will save yourself from Google penalties by avoiding people reporting the inaccurate information found online.

Here are a couple of examples of how some businesses could adjust their strategy.

  • A contractor might want to pause the ads for swimming pool construction unless they want to book far in the future. Instead, they might focus their budget on the emergency services they are still allowed to perform. 
  • A Pizza restaurant may want to remove ads from TV to reduce costs and focus their budget online so they can limit the advertising radius to between 4-8 miles from their location. Customers aren’t going to be willing to drive far for pickup and your delivery drivers will hopefully be extra busy.

An important note, If you are in the state of NY, Cold Calling is Illegal while there is a declared state of emergency. Keep this in mind when adjusting marketing strategy.

I want to analyze your current marketing strategy and provide guidance on how I think you could best position your business for success in 2020. There will be no pressure to buy anything, I genuinely want to help out fellow NY Businesses. Please use the form below to schedule a phone or online consultation.

Even during the COVID-19 Pandemic, your business can grow!