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Websites are supposed to be so much more than just business cards for your company that are stored online.

Unfortunately, without an in-depth understanding of online user behavior patterns, home built or cookie cutter websites are rarely more effective than 1 business card in a bucket full of them. Websites should be designed to serve a specific purpose and should have a logical flow to guide the user down the “conversion funnel”. (Marketing jargon for getting the customer to do what your business wants them to do on your website)

We build high-quality HTML 5 compliant, mobile ready and responsive websites. We will work with you to determine which of your business goals you want to accomplish with your website and how your website should be designed. We focus on the user first, designing an easy to understand and attractive website that naturally guides your customer through that conversion funnel.

If you already have a website, let us improve it. If you have an old WordPress install, we can update it and give outdated plugins a tune up. Is your current website stored on Wix or Squarespace? We can easily transfer all or some of your existing content into a completely new WordPress site. We can even help with hosting problems or upgrade questions.

At Hammerback Media, we have a passion for efficiency. We will work with your business to give essential functionality to your website. For example, most photographers do little more than display their portfolio on their website with their contact information. A photographer that chose us would end up with a website that handled the booking of clients, payments, print sales, private image review, and file transfer. Let us find out what else your business can do online with your website.


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